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Leslie Atkins

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Leslie Atkins

Gorinchen, the Netherlands


Originally from southern California in the USA, Leslie Atkins moved to the San Francisco area, and then to Europe. After working in Bavaria, she returned to San Francisco to pursue a formal art education. She also attended a Summer Institute at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Earning a BFA degree with a concentration in drawing and painting, she then went to New Zealand to work, and traveled in Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia.

Atkins received her MFA degree in 1984 at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. David Ireland was her MFA advisor. Her work focused on written drawings, an Obsession Series: ink drawings written in English, Japanese kana, and Greek, on drafting grid vellum paper.

Pen and ink drawing (black ink on white paper) is a lifelong favorite for her and typically includes words or writing. This is still a characteristic of recent work. Current projects delve into dementia, mourning, innumeracy, plastic trash, and mail_art. Work shown in 2019 exhibitions in Oregon and Washington have all been pen and ink drawing. The use of color ink is a significant change from early work. Leslie Atkins currently lives in the Netherlands and also in Seattle, Washington, USA.